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Lu Jane’s Rationale

Lu Jane is a privately owned designer label that specializes in women apparel devoting its focus to dresses and jackets.  As a start-up business, our initial strategy is to serve as a vendor to avoid high overhead expenses involved in operating a retail location.  Our initial collection will be exposed in Fall 2011 through recognized department stores: Macy’s, Dillard’s and Bloomingdale’s.  Our collection will also be available through online exclusives at, and

Lu Jane’s pieces will retail between $75 and $145, and will produced a size range from 4-12. Through precise research, we’ve identified our main competitors; Express, Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, Misselfridge, The Outnet, Far Fetch, All Saints, Asos, Karen Millen, Lagarcone and Labour-of-Love-Shop.

Lu Jane’s Collection has four groups of clothing line:

  • The first group of this collection is called, “Executive Power”. This group is for business wear and for interviews. I named it “Conquer” for my theme because business is about always trying to be on top. The major colors I’ll be using for this group are white, grey, black and red.
  • The second group is called, “Elite Attractions”.  This group is formal wear for special events (such as prom, weddings etc), you want to look glamorous, but not to the extreme, so the theme for this group I named it “Glam”. The colors I am using for this group are black, red, blue, purple, bronze and silver.
  • The third group is called, “Dare Romance”. Women like impressing their love one, and always want to look sexy, but not too revealing and that is why I decided for the theme to be called “Fantasy”. This group is for a Night-out; sexy, elegant, and sophisticated. The colors are beige, pink, white, black, grey, and red.
  • The last group of this collection is called,” Candy Land”. This group is for a Day-Look, is more of a casual wear. For the theme a named it “Playful”, this group is about bright colors; Sunny Yellow, Cool Blue, Spicy Red, Pistachio, Deep Purple, and Carnation Pink.

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Customer Profiles

This market is made of  17-20 year old young liberal women who are full time students attending their last year of high school or early years of college.  This customer comes from middle to upper class family that provides her with a sizeable allowance so long as she keeps focused on her studies and extracurricular activities.  This customer is updated, moderate and loves to shop.  This customer enjoys going out with friends and taking full of advantage of the city’s night life.


This market is made of 21-24 year old young women who are full time college students but also keep a part-time job.  This goal oriented customer, although living with her parents and receiving a considerable allowance, independences herself by combining her allowance with her income to keep her fashion updated and moderate.  This customer loves to shop and attend formal events.  This customer does not deviate from the values and beliefs instilled to her by her parents.  This customer recognizes the importance of her physical appearance as well as her social image.


This market is made of 25-34 year old middle to upper class married women.  This strong and ambitious customer conquers every moment and event with her business approach.  Although married and owning her home, this customer does not plan kids in the near future.  She enjoys the company of her husband and likes taking time off for shopping, exercise, and spiritual activities.  This customer keeps her business and casual wear updated and moderate.



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Executive Power                                            Elite Attractions

Dare Romance                                                 Candy Land

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